Rotary is where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change.

Rotary Misgav was established in 2014 in the Misgav region, located in the Lower Galilee, Israel.

We have coordinated projects with international Rotary clubs, such as Tarrytown, New York and Cambridge, England, and signed a "sister club" agreement with Macedonia.

Here is a brief overview of some of our activities to date:

Seeds of Peace

Seeds of Peace by Rotary MisgavOverview: Social meetings between Jews and Arabs for the purpose of getting acquainted, and fostering social, community and business relationships
Form of Activity: Creating the initial group of members from Rama Rotary Club and Misgav Rotary Club, and organizing bi-monthly meetings in the members’ homes.

Teaching Hebrew

Teaching Hebrew by Rotary MisgavOverview: Teaching Hebrew to women in the Arab sector
Form of Activity: Once a week, in collaboration with the Rama Rotary Club

Women's Rehab

Women's Rehab by Rotary MisgavOverview: Cooperation between Misgav Rotary Club and Beit Ariela Women’s Rehab Center

Vision for Women’s Therapeutic Community – the Ariela Way:

  • Allow residents a safe family, community, and personal space
  • Give women a space that has clear boundaries and acceptance
  • Empower and encourage women to pursue independent, meaningful, and effective lives

Type of Activity: Workshops on topics in which women expressed interest, such as economics, sports, nutrition, sewing

Discharged Soldiers

Discharged Soldiers by Rotary MIsgavOverview: In 2019 about 25 trainees after army service arrived in the Lavon community. Trainees are scheduled to undergo a computer chip processing course. As in past years we plan to pair a mentor to each trainee to help prepare a life plan after release.
Form of Activity: Mentors volunteer once every week or two for a 1-2 hour meeting with a trainee in Karmiel.

Peace Through Art

Peace Through Art by Rotary MisgavOverview: Creating a collaborative art project for Jewish and Arab students in the Misgav region in order to become acquainted and promote tolerance and understanding among the region's children.
Form of Activity: Building a program between a Jewish and an Arab school, and organizing meetings for joint activity. Organizing a joint tour of a museum or gallery, and an exhibit of final projects. Students are also asked to volunteer in their respective communities.

Cultivating Youth Volunteers

Overview: Collaboration between Rotary Misgav and Katzir High School in Misgav to strengthen community activities. Identify young leaders who will form the basis for an Interact Club the following year.
Type of Activity: Integration within the personal / group commitment of 10th – 11th grade students to carry out volunteer activities in the community.

Dancing in Classrooms

Dancing in Classrooms by Rotary MisgavOverview: Teaching ballroom dancing to children in fourth grade to engender tolerance and mutual respect between boys and girls, and create a relaxed atmosphere and to prevent violence in and outside the school.
Form of Activity: A 20-session program within the schools, where students learn ballroom dancing, and end the program with a ball for parents and family.


Eco-Art by Rotary MisgavOverview: Acquaintance with a factory at the Misgav Industrial Park, which employs about 70 employees with special needs, recycling waste and using old computers.
Type of Activity: There is a community competition to create artistic products from electronic waste. Running the “Acton” event for parents and students in a Misgav school. Conduct workshops and events for employees.

Eshbal Youth

Eshbal Youth with Rotary MisgavOverview: Support for disadvantaged youth boarding at Eshbal.
Type of activity: Running three Eshbal youth classes throughout the school year.

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